| July/August 1986

  • Memoriam

  • Memoriam

EMERY (MIKE) HURST CORDILL passed away February 13, 1986. He was one of The Pioneer Harvest's oldest members.

Mr. Cordill was born in 1896 at Bern, Kansas, and lived in the Fort Scott area his last 50 years. During his earlier summers he did custom threshing throughout Bourbon and Crawford Counties. He later sold his equipment to Ross Digan, who continued using the machinery until the modern combines came into fashion. Cordill, however, never lost his admiration for the lumbering giants, and after they were acquired by The Pioneer Harvester, he again became their master. As a member of The Pioneer Harvest Fiesta, Cordill operated the tractor and thresher for several years at the annual show in October.

The big 18-36 Hart-Parr Tractor and its 28' Red River Threshing Machine are in our present collection, continuing their work in stately dignitya visual tribute to those men who loved them so long ago. Submitted by George Jackson, President, Pioneer Harvest Fiesta, Fort Scott, Kansas 66701.

WILLIS A. SALTER passed away April 5, 1986. A Hamilton County farmer, he was a resident of both Garden City and Syracuse for many years. In addition to farming, he operated Salter Implement Co. in Syracuse for several years.

He was well-known for restoration of old farm machinery and tractors and was instrumental in establishing the antique machinery show at the Hamilton County Fair. His antique steam engine tractor was one of the highlights of that show and of the fair's parade for several years.

Mr. Salter was born in Rice County Sept. 25, 1905, and moved to Finney County in 1917. He was married to Ethel Leota Solze in Dodge City June 17, 1930. Submitted by his son, Bob Salter, of Syracuse, Kansas 67878.