| January/February 1988

LLOYD SCHRIER of Cumberland, IA passed away Sept. 13, 1987 at the age of 82. Mr. Schrier was a lifelong cattleman and farmer. He was a pioneer Hereford catatle breeder and Pioneer Patron of the Omaha Livestock exchange.

He used many of our treasured farm antiques during his lifetime. The last 20 years of his life he enjoyed restoring and exhibiting gas engines. In 1982 he was named Old Thresher of the year at Mt. Pleasant, IA.

Eight years ago he turned to buying and selling John Deere 1? HP parts to keep himself busy after losing a leg.

Thru the gas engine hobby and business he was able to deal with and meet people from over 40 states and 3 foreign countries. I leave you with these words from Lloyd: 'I never meet anyone in the hobby you couldn't sit down and visit with and I never got a bad check from anyone.' Submitted by Mary Schrier, his daughter-in-law.

FOREST 'TOOTSY' SHARRETT, 85, Fortville, IN passed away Sept. 29, 1987. He was a lifelong resident of the Fortville area, and had been a Standard Oil bulk plant dealer for 28 years. He was also a freight agent for 10 years for Union Traction Co., and a 60 year member of the Masonic Lodge 207.

The joy of his life was his engines. Tootsy restored many gas engines, which he displayed all over Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. He will be missed by family and friends and those who knew him through the many shows. Submitted by Morris Titus.