In Memoriam

| February/March 2004

John Ritter, Carlisle, Pa., passed away Oct. 11, 2002. He was a great engine man, and he helped a lot of people when they had trouble with their engines. He was proud of his collection of engines and grinders, and many people knew John as the 'Gas Engine Man.' For 30 years he ran Ritter's Engine Shed, buying and selling engines and parts.

John is survived by his wife of 58 years, Mary; a son, Robert; daughters, Patricia and Linda; three grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. He was loved by his family and many friends and is greatly missed by all.

Submitted by Mary Ritter, Carlisle, Pa.

Milan (Mike) George Mahnke and Mary Elizabeth Gottwald-Tadlock-Mahnke passed away April 19, 2003 and June 21, 2003, respectively.

Mike was born at the family farm in the Thumb area of Lower Michigan, May 2, 1903. Mary was born at Wakefield, Mich., in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Dec. 8, 1934. Mike lived and breathed IHC and McCormick-Deering, with Mary at his side for the last 24 years. There was never a stranger at the door, and always a 'stray' or two at the table.

Good-bye, Mike and Mary, a better couple to raise children would be hard to find.