| February/March 1998

This is in memory of DRENNEN HARDING GOLDSBERRY of Athens, Ohio, who passed away February 20, 1997 at age 82.

Though a lifelong resident of Athens, Drennen was born in Marion, Ohio while his parents briefly resided there. U. S. President Warren Harding's father was a physician and delivered Drennen, hence his middle name.

Drennen retired as the superintendent of the Athens City water treatment plant. He also served as a consultant on other municipalities' water needs. Drennen received his education at Ohio State University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

He was active in local politics and in numerous historical organizations. He was an avid reader of history. Drennen was a 32 Degree Mason.

He was a Major in the state Civilian Defense Corps, and loved his great country.

Drennen was an enthusiastic collector of antique engines!!! He was a founding member of the Athens County Antique Machinery Club and helped create the now annual Appalachian Fall Heritage Show held in Athens every September. He exhibited his 'antiques' at many area shows. He actually had many hobbies and interests.