| February/March 1996

ROBERT J. WARD, 65, died June 5, 1995, at Mount Carmel East Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, following a three month illness. He retired in 1986 after twenty-six and a half years as a mechanic and Assistant Superintendent from the Ohio Department of Transportation in Coshoct in, Ohio.

Bob served his country in the Korean Conflict and his God as a member of the Black Run Church of God, Frazeysburg, and really enjoyed taking part in all church activities, helping out wherever he was needed.

Bob had many pastimes, one being woodworking. He had his own sawmill and complete wood shop, so he could take the wood from standing timber to finished wood project. And then he loved going to gas engine shows where he enjoyed talking to the people as much as showing his engines. His favorite engines were the Maytags. He had a very fine collection of Maytag washers, engines and collectibles. Bob had the patience to be able to make the worst engine or washer look like new again. His skill and care showed in everything he did.

He was working on building a half-scale 1919 Maytag wood tub washer with engine that is going to be a complete working model. His son Steve is working on finishing it.

Bob is survived by his wife Marjorie, son Steven James, daughter Cathy Joe Diles, and five grandchildren.

His counsel is missed but remembered fondly by his many friends and family.