| February/March 1986

  • Memoriam

  • Memoriam

KENNETH R. SCHAPPERT of Grants Pass, Oregon, was killed along with two other members of the Civil Air Patrol, while on search for a downed plane in the southern part of Oregon, on May 26, 1985, at the age of 48.

He will be greatly missed by his family, Branch #15 and #9, his church, and many friends on his distribution routes in Oregon and California.

Submitted by Ralph Schappert, Ken's Dad, Vice Pres. Early Day Gas Engine, Branch #15.

JAKE W. ROBINSON, Bettendorf, Iowa, passed away October 26 at the age of 88.

Jake owned and operated gas engines throughout his life and enjoyed them very much. He attended area shows for many years and was able to take in several shows this year. He always enjoyed GEM and any other literature on engines that he could find.

He will be sadly missed by his friends and family.