| December/January 1994

NORMAN M. BRENNEMAN died August 17, 1994, at Wellman, Iowa. A farmer most of his life, he was always fascinated by all types of engines, especially steam-powered ones during his early life. As a lad, he experimented by building fires under varied containers of water, attempting to build steam pressure. He loved steam locomotives and always preferred trains over airplanes, even after diesel power took over.

Norman started farming with horses and a John Deere 'D.' In 1935, he purchased a new John Deere 'A,' and soon switched it from steel to rubber. This was the first rubber-tired tractor in the community, and he enjoyed telling how skeptical some of the neighbors were of such a radical change.

In the late '50s, Norman started collecting gas engines. He had a special liking for Gads. During the '60s and 70s, he exhibited several Gads and other engines yearly at the Old Threshers Reunion at Mount Pleasant, Iowa. He and his wife usually camped on the grounds for the Reunion and had a good time together.

Norman always had an eye for fly wheels and liked them best on old engines, gas or steam, and on John Deere tractors. In later years, he enjoyed driving his restored 'A' in local parades.

Norman is survived by Katie, his wife of 61 years, three children, six grand children and one great-grandson.

Goodbye, Dad! So long for now, Grandpa!