| December/January 1989

  • Memoriam

  • Memoriam

Herman 'Slim' Watson and his wife MYRTA, who lived near McLouth in Leavenworth County, Kansas, always had a warm spot in their hearts for the old 'Iron Horse' or the great steam engines and threshing machines. They decided to invite other 'Iron Horse' owners to their farm to show off their engines and machines. This is how the Steam Engine Show and Threshing Bee got started back in 1957.

The show was traditionally held at the Watson farm. In 1965 it came under the authority of The Heart of America Antique Steam Engine and Model Assoc., Inc. or simply called 'The Association' by the local residents and was relocated to their present show site, on the south edge of McLouth, Kansas.

Our dear MYRTA WATSON passed away September 9, 1989 following an ever so brief illness. She was born September 30, 1903.

Our brother CALVIN 'CAB' HANSEN passed away June 10, 1989, also after a short illness. He was born January 21, 1903. Cab had been the hired hand for the Watson family 57 years. He was always considered part of the family and gave a lifetime of love, devotion, and dedicated service while living with the Watsons.

The officers, directors, members and friends so loved them and they shall never be forgotten.

Submitted by Doug McQuitty, President of Heart of America Antique Steam Engine and Model Assoc. Inc. McLouth, Kansas 66054.