| August/September 1987

PHINEAS BLANCHFIELD, of Lake City, Iowa ,died April 21, 1987 after being ill with emphysema for over ten years. He will be missed very much by his wife of almost 56 years, and by his four sons.

Submitted by Mrs. Phineas Blanchfield, 720 N. Woodlawn, Lake City, Iowa 51449

FRANK ERNEST BRUNE died at the age of 73 on March 24, 1987. Born on a farm in Douglas County Kansas he was a farmer all of his life.

He loved the farm and the machinery and did all of his own repairing and often some for his neighbors. After retiring from active farming he kept busy restoring antique tractors. This was a hobby he loved and he had a unique collection. Failing health forced him to sell his farm and his collection of tractors and all the tools he loved to use, and he and his wife moved to an apartment in Lawrence last November.

Frank loved to work on his tractors but he always said that one of the most enjoyable facets of the hobby was the fellowship with other tractor buffs and all the good friends he made attending sales and shows.

On their 50th wedding anniversary in August, 1985 Frank and his wife drove through 8 or 9 states to take in 4 shows: The Rough and Tumble Show at Kinzers, PA, back to Portland, IN, then to Rollag, MN and on down to Dalton, MN.