| April/May 1993

ELDON P. OWENS, 79, life long resident of Jefferson, Iowa, died from the ravages of bone cancer on December 13, 1992.

A retired employee of the Iowa Department of Transportation, Roads Dept., his career spanned from 1942 until his 1976 retirement as a maintenance foreman. His career was interrupted by WW II service as an aircraft mechanic in the Army Air Force.

It was probably that experience which lead to an interest in the 'ole one lungers.' His understanding of engine design and operation, plus a great love and respect for the 'rustic iron' lead to his collection of finely tuned, smooth running engines.

Though he was not a big collector in numbers, his skills in fabricating broken or lost parts produced products which prompted many others to persue restorations of their own. His knowledge and abilities were available to any and all who sought his advice for help.

Besides his interest in area shows and swap meets, he also was well skilled with woodworking tools. Many different projects from furniture to toys and model building, were the result. He was responsible for interesting people to many hobbies including one lungers.

An ordinary, slight built man, he was a big, big man in possession of knowledge and the manner in which his life had been lived. His passing will leave a void but one of great memories to his wife, Helen; son, Dick; daughter, Joyce; several brothers and sisters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and a countless host of friends.