| April/May 1992

  • Memoriam

  • Memoriam

STEVEN DEAN DAVIS, 81, of Fair Grove, Missouri passed away on July 17, 1991. Mr. Davis was a retired welder and steam fitter and had worked mainly in the construction trade.

He is survived by Marie, his wife of 60 years, and several children. Born in Helena, Montana, he was the son of the late Stephen A. and Maude Auk Davis.

Mr. Davis grew up in several north central states on farms and ranches where gas engines were the source of power. He began to collect and restore gas engines in the early 1980s and the long hours he spent with his hobby were a great pleasure to him. He was a member of Branch 16 at Ash Grove, Missouri and was an avid show attender. His presence will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him. Submitted by Branch 16 of Ash Grove, Missouri.

LOU CHAPO of Sacramento, California, passed away on January 18, 1992. Lou was National President of EDGE&TA for three years in the late seventies. He was one of the people who took over the National and got it going again after the turmoil in the early seventies, and was also founder and charter member of Branch 13. Lou made many friends across the United States and will be missed. Our sympathy and prayers are extended to his family. Submitted by Charley Stark, National Pres. EDGE&TA, Inc., Rt. 2, Box 167A, Republic, Missouri 65738.

FRANK HAMATA of Schuyler, Nebraska died December 21, 1991 at the age of 82. A native of Schuyler, he had owned and operated a garage and gas station at Agnew, Nebraska before WW II. During the war he served in the U. S. Army.

He moved back to Schuyler in 1945 and in 1946 he co-founded Hamata Bros., an Oliver and Pontiac dealership, where he was a mechanic until his retirement in 1989.