| April/May 1989

  • In Memoriam

  • In Memoriam

CARL SECCHI, co-founder and first president of the Blue Grass Steam and Gas Engine Association, died on January 16, 1989. He had been ill for several weeks. Carl was known around the engine circuit as a very enthusiastic person, always doing a perfect job of restoring and showing.

Carl also belonged to other organizations that will greatly miss him. He was a member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, a member of the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills, and Artists Blacksmiths of North America.

Before his semi-retirement, he was Consulting Engineer for Shakertown at Pleasant Hill. In every enterprise, Carl donated time and energy to make for a better organization.Submitted by member, A. G. McConnell.

MANUEL E. CASTRO, a lifelong resident of Santa Margarita, California, passed away last November at age 52. He was a long time collector of artifacts and antique machinery.

He had a keen eye for rusty flywheels hiding in old sheds or down creek banks. Manuel had many collections over the years, and when two or more of the same item came his way, a new collection was begun.

Throughout the years, he became known by his many friends as a man whose word was his bond. If he quoted you a price on an engine one week, two months later he would honor it regardless of higher offers that had come along. His many friends will remember his spirit. Submitted by his friend and fellow engine collector, John Richardson, Arroyo Grande, California.