I LOVE Old Engines!

| August/September 1999

Cox, 268 Tunis Street, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada N5C 1W7

My whole collection.

My name is David Cox, and I love old engines. I've always been fascinated with machines. I can remember watching loaders and other construction equipment. When I was five, my older brothers had gas-powered go-carts. My brother Brian had a neat sounding engine on a go-cart which I later got. It was a 5S Briggs & Stratton engine. It had a 6' or 7' straight exhaust pipe which gave the engine a neat popping sound.

I first saw hit and miss engines when I went to a local farm show in the fall of 1979 called 'The International Plowing Match,' near Woodstock, Ontario. At first I didn't know what to think, they were so loud. The water in the hoppers was rusty and looked strange. I couldn't understand how the engine ran as fast as it did and only exhausted once in a while. I actually I thought the engine ran 'normal' (like a throttle governed engine), feeding the exhaust into the hopper (cylinder), compressing it until it overcame a pressure relief valve, and exhausted. I was ten years old. Later, I found out better. If I can remember correctly, I think the first one I saw was an upright Ideal or Novo with a square hopper. I was also fascinated with the OilPull Rumely tractors.

When I was 12, my brother gave me the 5S Briggs & Stratton engine. I played with it from time to time. I thought of restoring it but I didn't know where to find decals for it, and I didn't want to touch it until I could find decals.

In 1995 I met some people at a local show in my hometown of lngersoll, Ontario, called 'Threshing Days,' and I got some decals and fixed up the 5S engine. It only needed cosmetic work.

The next year my dad found me an engine, an Iron Horse 5/8 HP, in the spring cleanup. It was in great shape and only needed cosmetic restoration.