| January/February 2004

Editor rbackus@ogdenpubs.com

Well, it's happened again. Another year of showing, collecting, restoring and of course reading about engines has passed by. The good news is that a new year is already in the making, and the way things look right now, it's going to be grand. We have an unprecedented backlog of quality reader submissions, and the biggest problem is going to be deciding what to print first. All things being equal, that's a nice problem to have.

Add to this the articles that are generated every year as new or different engines hit the show circuit, and there's no question we'll have some great stories for you in the months to come. Reader response has been very strong, and that's something we need and appreciate. Your interest and comments, whether positive or negative, make Gas Engine Magazine what it is, so keep them coming. And those stories, too - there's no such a thing as too much.

The 2004 Farm Collector Show Directory is almost ready, and it's set to be another record year for shows. It seems hard to believe, but the number of show listings is up again, with 1,388 shows in our 2004 directory, an increase of 53 over last year's 1,335. The old iron collective is clearly doing something special, and it's not going unnoticed. And don't forget, you can save a couple of bucks by ordering the Show Directory early. Turn to the inside back cover for ordering information.

Finally, I'd like to welcome Scott Hollis to these pages. Scott is our new assistant editor, and his sharp pencil (well, more like a fast computer), keen eye and deep interest in old iron is sure to be noticed as he puts himself to the task of helping us make a great magazine even better.

Scott's actually pretty familiar to the rest of us here in Topeka, having worked as editorial assistant for sister publications Farm Collector and John Deere TRADITION. In addition to his new duties here at GEM, Scott continues as assistant editor for Farm Collector. We're happy to welcome him to the old iron community.