| June 2007

IHC engines

As an unapologetic lover of all things IHC, from little LBs to big Moguls and even IHC trucks (I've owned at least five over the years, my favorite being the 1952 L112 that I never should have sold), I'm happy to have the chance to feature a pair of special IHC engines.

At any engine show, you're sure to find a good sampling of IHC's legendary products. But the big engines, especially the early ones, are a rare site, and for good reason: They didn't make that many of them to begin with.

Gene Fisher owns the older of our two featured IHC engines, a spectacularly original 1907, 8 HP tank-cooled Famous. We were lucky to catch up with Gene and his engine at the National IH Collectors Winter Convention here in Topeka this past March, and his engine just took our breath away.

With the exception of faded paint, new wiring and new piston rings, this engine is as it was when it left IHC's Milwaukee factory 100 years ago. From the cooling tank to the battery box and rare Motsinger generator, Gene's engine is complete and original, and lucky for us, Gene's going to keep it that way.

Father and son team Rod and Chris Epping own our other featured IHC engine, a beautifully restored 1915, 15 HP screen-cooled Mogul. Built at IHC's plant in Chicago, the Epping's Mogul had a rather harder life than Gene's Famous, a fact that became painfully obvious as Rod and Chris brought it back to running condition.

But bring it back they did, in all its sideshaft glory and complete with its big 30-inch clutch pulley and original battery box.