Hercules Engine News

| April/May 1998

20601 Old State Road, Haubstadt, Indiana 47639

Last month paint recommendations were made for the Hercules and related engines. Three of the illustrations shown here were taken from a Hercules S model catalog dated 1926. All of the color illustrations that I have seen always show red stripes on the Hercules brand engines. The illustration at top left is of the 1 HP model S engine. Note that the upper hopper stripe is up on the rounded hopper edge to allow enough room for the decal. Although the engine shown here has flywheel stripes, in reality very few had them

The next illustration (bottom left) shows a larger size engine which is most likely a 6 HP. The striping pattern is similar to that on the smaller engines except the hopper stripes are now all on the flat surfaces. If you will note care fully, there is a black stripe across the top and down the sides of the head. In this color illustration, I believe the artist failed to make it red like the rest. Flywheel stripes are shown. They were more common on the larger size engines, but not all had the stripes.

The next illustration (lower right) is that of the model UA Hercules oil engine. Except for the color, it is the same as the model UA Thermoil engines.

There was a stripe on the crankguard. It is much like the shape of a written upside L (see the illustration below).

In the illustrations shown here, it would appear that some engine parts were left unpainted. That is not the case. Everything was painted the same color except for the magneto, spark plug and the oiler, which were covered.