| May/June 1990

Spring has come early this year, at least in our region, and we are enjoying an unusual March with some temperatures in the 80's! Everyone is getting outside, and getting ready for the many swap meets and auctions that come with the change in season.

We still have 1990 Directories for sale, of course, and there are lots of months ahead for shows. We're working on our Collectors' Network and Buyer's Guide now, and hope to have that ready to mail in a couple of months.

Our mailer has been getting the magazines a bit later from the printer in recent months, so some of you may be experiencing delays of a few days in receiving your copies. Please try to remember that although you may be used to getting your issue sometime in the middle of the month, it is not actually 'late' according to postal standards, unless it's arriving after the beginning of the month on the cover date. We are now frequently mailing on the 7th, and three weeks is the standard delivery time we've been quoted from our friends at the Post Office. So please do be patient!