| January/February 1991

January always brings with it the promise of a new year, and an opportunity to look forward to a bright future! Despite talk of recession and the danger of war, our hopes are for a happy new year for all of our subscribers and advertisers, as we begin the 26th year of publication of GEM.

Holiday time is a busy time in our office as we prepare for publication of the 1991 Steam and Gas Engine Show Directory. By the time this magazine reaches you, the deadline for material will have passed, and we should be well on our way towards sending it to our printer. As usual, the directory should be ready for mailing by the end of February, and all of you who order should receive your copies by mid-March.

We've noticed that the mail is not always reliable in getting your ads to us on time. Recently, we were looking for an ad from Iowa that was mailed on the 4th of November, and it didn't get to our office until the 14th. Don't let this happen to you!

Keep your show reports and questions for the Reflector coming in. And don't forget to give us your suggestions for stories that you would like to see but might not want to write yourself.

Above all, Happy New Year!