| February/March 1991

  • Stan Holderman

  • Stan Holderman

Hello, and Happy Valentine's Day! Sometimes it boggles the mind to think so far ahead: as I write this letter to you for the Februarsy issue, we're smack in the middle of the Christmas and Chanukah season. We hope the new year is going well for you, and that your restorations and engine show plans are working out as you expected.

As you are aware, sometimes things don't go as expected. Witness page four of the January 1991 issue of this magazine, in the Reflections column. The same picture was inserted twice during the printing process. The picture numbered 26/1/10 was correct; at above you will find photo #26/1/11B, which owner Stan Holderman, 2621 W. 400 N., Warsaw, IN 46580 is asking help in identifying. We try our best not to let things like this happen, but sometimes they just slip past even the best of us! Our apologies to Mr. Holderman and our subscribers.

We regret as well the omission of last month's cover caption, which also disappeared somewhere between our offices and the printer's. The Standard engine was recently restored by Jim Reeser, 604 E. 8th, Lyndon, Kansas 66451. His story appeared on page 13 of the January issue.

But enough about last month-on to February! We're happy to point out that we've added a few more color pictures than usual. Enjoy them!