| September/October 1986

In my July letter, I mentioned that we were trying to find out more about liability insurance and the possibility of steam and gas engine clubs joining an existing group to qualify for group rates, or of forming one of their own.

We don't have a lot of additional information, but have been in touch with an insurer who would be interested in issuing a policy for such a group. In order to explore the feasibility of actually forming a group, a club or individual would have to come forth to put on the hat of 'organizer'.

Probably a good first step would be to determine whether there is actually a need for such a group, and whether the support for it would be forthcoming from a sufficient number of clubs to make a group policy a viable prospect. We know some of you pay thousands of dollars for your coverage, but others may not. We are hoping that we can get a dialogue started, at least. We are not in any way knowledgeable in matters of insurance, and would like to see an experienced club leader volunteer to take on the task of organizing such a group if there seems to be support for it.

Before a formal questionnaire process would begin, it wouldn't hurt if club members would give us their thoughts on the possibility of forming a national group of some kind. There may actually be numerous ways such an organization could help member clubs, and we know you'll have lots of ideas about that! Let me know what you think, and whether you would be interested in organizing a group or would recommend someone who would be a good candidate!

We'll report back in future issues things like this take a good deal of time to gel, but there's no time like the present to begin thinking about them! We want to support any efforts to help engine clubs, if there is a desire and willingness to organize.