| September/October 1985

I'm happy to report that our transition to computer labels on your last issue went very smoothly. There were a few minor problems, which seem to be ironing out, and by the time you receive this issue, we should be in good shape. Quite a few of you who had already renewed in advance still received expiration envelopes in your August issue, so you can just discard them. Also, some of the expiration dates weren't quite right, and that should get straightened out, too. We do appreciate hearing from those of you who let us know about the problems.

Again, I think I should remind those of you who receive notices that your subscription is expiring, do send them back to us before you get your next issue, as with only a month between mailings, we may not receive a renewal from your last copy before we mail the next one and it will save you the expense of buying missed issues as back numbers.

I think I also need to remind our Canadian friends that our subscription rates are all given in U. S. FUNDS, so please either send us U. S. funds or allow for an exchange rate (currently) of about 4 Canadian dollars for every 3 U. S. dollars.

Please keep your show reports and stories coming in! With more issues, we have more space, and are using our stories with less lag time, so do take a crack at being an author! And if you've been to some new shows this year, let us know how to contact them the 1986 Directory mailing will be going out in early October.