| November/December 1988

As we approach the end of the year, we are looking forward to 1989 and are announcing in this issue a new book we propose to publish in the spring. See our ad on page 32, for what we call our Collector's Network, a directory of individual collectors to enable you to contact one another when you want to communicate. This is definitely an 'experiment' for us and its size and range will all depend on the individuals who choose to be a part of it. In any case, we think it's an exciting project, because it's one you've asked for and we hope for its success.

By the time you receive this issue, our annual show directory mailing asking for listings and advertising will have been sent to the contact people for your shows. Again, if you have a show that was not listed last year, and you would like to be in the 1989 directory, please write to us immediately. The directory deadline is December 15, so we need to know who to send the information to as soon as possible.