| November/December 1987

With the hot and cold, wet and dry vagaries of the weather so far in 1987, we wish you fair skies and pleasant temperatures from now until the Hot Stove League takes you indoors.

We'd like to hear from your organizations on how you did this spring and summer, and what your plans may be for seasons to come. Are you adding new buildings or new program features? Did you learn anything this year that you can apply for greater success in the future? We welcome your letters, articles and pictures.

Speaking of the look-ahead, we are getting set for the 1988 Steam & Gas Show Directory, which will be our 14th annual edition. It is firmly rooted as an important guide for all collectors. Please send your listings and ads to us early, so that it can come out on time early in 1988. If you know of new shows-or any that have been discontinued-send word.

We are also gearing up for another Farm Museum Directory, to succeed the issue of a couple of years ago. If you operate a farm museum you'll want to be included. As with the Steam & Gas Show Directory, we give you a free listing; if you advertise, we bill for that.

The team of Gerald and Margaret Lestz visited with people in the hobby in New York State and Canada in August, and a few articles will reflect our travels. Engine people are the salt of the earth!