| November/December 1985

It's fall again and we are now preparing for our 1986 Steam & Gas Show Directory. You should receive your Directory mailing in the coming month, asking for your 1986 listing. Deadline is again December 15. If you do not have a copy of the Directory request by October's end, please tell us and we'll mail it.

A few of our readers in Washington State received copies of our September issue bound with the wrong pages. As you can understand, this happens occasionally. If you receive a magazine with a serious quality problem such as this, or one badly damaged en route, please send us a note indicating what your problem was, and we will send another copy. It is not necessary to return the defective copy; we take your word for it, and want to save you that expense.

Comments are coming in on our introduction of color pages inside, in addition to color on the covers. We feel the added cost is worthwhile for us, in order to keep improving your magazines. If you have good clear photos or slides, please let us see them with ample identification of engines shown.

How did your organization do on this year's shows and reunions? We are receiving some show reports, but we'd also appreciate some summaries that can tell fellow subscribers briefly how many collectors took part, showing how many engines, how many people attended, and what your outlook is for next year's events. Yep, 1985 is about over, and 1986 is only a short time away!

Christmas is on the way. We recommend that husbands, wives and children share the magazine when gift shopping, and remind you that the earlier the order, the greater the assurance that what you order will be in Santa's pack!