| March/April 1989

As I write this letter, we are in the midst of a very busy time at Steam gas! Our 120-page annual Show Directory has made its way to the publisher carrying over 540 listings and more than 150 ads. We should begin mailing these sometime in February, so it's time to order yours, if you haven't already! See the order blank on the facing page. Don't get upset thinking that you'll have to cut up your fresh new magazine to send in an order; we'll accept orders written on regular stationery or postcards. Just use our form as a guide, and provide us with all the requested information. Bill Starkey of Star bolt and Lee Pedersen will both be selling directories in Zolfo Springs, so look for them there if you're headed for Florida.

Meanwhile, the Collector's Network mail is picking up as its February 15th deadline nears and we look forward to assembling this project, which promises to be chock full of information.

I want to say just a word about all the new products which are being advertised in GEM. We care very much about our subscribers and how they are treated by advertisers. When we receive a new ad from someone, we often ask to see a sample of the tape or publication offered. Frequently we do not receive these before the ad is published, and most of our ads are accepted in 'good faith'.

If you do have a problem of some kind with an advertiser, we appreciate knowing- preferably in writing. Keep in mind, though, that the transaction between you and the firms and individuals who advertise are not ones that we can regulate; the United States Postal Service is the ultimate authority there. We are always happy to receive your letters, which are of great assistance to us in answering questions asked by others. If you see an ad appearing in GEM over a long period of time, it is usually an indicator that most customers are satisfied. We carry hundreds of ads every month, and the vast majority never generate a single complaint.

With that said, let's get on with the magazine! Show season really starts to swing in March, and I realize you're probably busy with last-minute planning and preparation. Save enough time to cover every inch of this month's material, as there may be something in the pages beyond that will make a difference in the coming months of exhibiting!


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