| June/July 1989

This is our biggest issue ever, and we hope you will enjoy it! Our Reflections column is quite long this month and full of interesting questions plus more modelmaking information.

At this time of year, our deadlines are really critical, and we appreciate your efforts to get your ads to us in advance or on time! Because of our shortened working time from our printer, we are no longer able to accept ads that come in after the 7th of each month.

Again, do be patient about show reports-we have a lot of them, and we're trying to get them in before your next show.

You'll notice in the Reflections column that Mr. Wendel has again called for a Buyer's Guide to help collectors locate needed services. (His suggestions are always noticed when we set the type for his column!) We agree this is a good idea, one whose time has probably come. Since many of our Collectors' Network (to be mailed out any day now) participants offered some kind of services, we think it makes sense to build that directory and to expand it into a network and service guide. Do send us your suggestions, we always like to read them.