| June/July 1988

As the show season speeds up its tempo and thousands of men, women and children crowd in to see the engines and owners, we are happy with the quality of stories we are able to present to our public.

Our volunteer writers from all points of the compass are producing very readable stories, and accompanying these with excellent pictures. More and more of the photos are in color, and we are making every effort to increase the amount of color pages in GEM.

May all your shows be successful, setting new records for attendance, participation, and financial support. For many organizations, the revenue from shows is basic to the annual budget and we hope your assets grow!

The Steam and Gas Show Directory continues to sell well and the Farm Museum Directory should soon be available. Museums are responding favorably and we think this second edition will be a strong one.

We are also working on the third GEM Index compiled by Don Siefker, who did the first two as well. This book will provide listings of GEM articles for the past five years, 1983-1987. Consult the ad in this issue.

Thanks come from all of us at GEM to all of you who are part of our family-collectors, organizations, and firms that supply merchandise and services. We know you look on us as your personal bearer of news, messages and ads, and we assure you we proceed in full dedication to meeting that responsibility.