| June/July 1986


The outlook for gas and steam shows, threshermen's reunions and other events which are sponsored by our readers, is very good for summer 1986 as this is written.

Consequently we hope you collectors, and you organization leaders and members, are fully prepared to put on your best bibs and tuckers and welcome an admiring public in record attendance.

We'll appreciate hearing how you do. We don't seek reports that sound like the secretary's minutes. Please send us interesting anecdotes, and stories of unusual occurrences that brighten your shows.

As stated before, we are very desirous of obtaining clear photos and good stories of tractor and engine rarities one of a kind, or the only one surviving, or the most unusual you know about.

Throughout our magazine preparation, service to our readers and customers is our No. 1 goal. The staff is always mindful of your interest and needs, and letters from you have indicated that you are aware of this. Wherever and whoever you are, this is YOUR magazine.