| July/August 1987

We have one very good index that tells us this will prove to be an excellent season for all organizations and shows. This index is the number of copies of our 1987 Steam & Gas Show Directory which we have sold. The issue is totally gone. We are still receiving requests and checks but we cannot meet the demand. We'll increase the print order for the 1988 edition, and suggest you get your information and your requests for copies in as early as possible. The new forms will be going out at a time to be announced. And thank you for buying all those copies!

As the hobby of collecting and restoring of stationary engines and tractors develops, so does the information available on engines and manufacturers. We are trying to do what we can, through the 'Reflections' column written by Charles Wendel; through articles by our readers, and through the books and catalogs in our sales list. The day may never come when all questions will be answered but you can find out a tremendous lot more now than was possible BGEM (before GEM).

The American Society of Agricultural Engineers has prepared the first two of a series of ten projected video tapes (VHS only) on early farm and construction equipment in action. Price is $35.00 each; add $1.50 for postage and handling on each order. Send inquiries on Tracks and Wheels series to ASAE, Dept. 2222, 2950 Niles Rd., St. Joseph, MI 49085-9659. Or call (616) 429-0300, Ext. 41. We read about this in the Newsletter of the Society for Industrial Archaeology.

We are still considering the Photo Contest but would like further word from subscribers before making the final announcement.

Also, we will explore a reprint of Richard Babbitt's 1915 (see GEM issue Nov. 1986, pages 8 & 9) New Idea catalogue in color if we sense there is sufficient interest. Let us know if you think so!