| July/August 1986

How are your safety regulations, and how is your liability insurance? With increasing numbers of people attending your shows and other special events, this is the time to tighten up and make sure everything is in order.

Even the tightest safety precautions may prove vain if someone has a mind to claim damage or injury, because we are in a time when more and more suits are being brought and large verdicts are commonplace.

You may want to know about the joint coverage obtained by the miniature railroad operating clubs of the U.S. They formed the Mini-Rail Corporation. Through it, they take out one policy for all clubs and each club in the plan is given a certificate of participation.

The idea has enabled all clubs to (1) obtain insurance and (2) receive premiums which reduce costs by as much as ten times.

We're getting in touch with the carrier of their policy and hope to report more about this in future issues.

Many travelers are staying on the North American continent this summer, because of two main factors cheap gasoline here and terrorism abroad. Tell them about your attractions, and they'll want to see what you do!