| July/August 1985

Dear Readers,

We thank you for the way you are backing us in our new monthly publishing schedule. From comments in your letters, and your subscription renewals, we are repeatedly given strong assurance that you like what we at GEM are doing.

About a year ago, we closed our advertising office in Enola, Pennsylvania, and moved all operations here to Lancaster. Some of you are still sending your advertising copy to the Enola address, and this sometimes causes considerable delay in our receipt of the copy. The U.S. Post Office only guarantees a year of forwarding, and the year is now over, so in the future, we may not receive your copy at all. Please be sure that the folks in charge of advertising for your organization know to use our Lancaster address so that you don't miss the issue you want to be in because of mail service!

This issue sparkles with good gas stories. One is an adventure of the five Herner brothers who collect Cats and Deeres. Another is about Verne Kindschi, a Wisconsinite known to many of you; it is reprinted from the English magazine, Stationary Engine, in an unusual hands-across-the-sea venture. Fordson collectors should find special interest in this issue, as should Gibson owners.

Our Reflections column is a bit longer this issue, reflecting the very strong and positive response we have had to this column since beginning it. Please keep your inquiries and information coming especially the color data Mr. Wendel is seeking so that it can be made available for everyone's assistance.

The GEM staff enjoys bringing you all these goodies. We deeply appreciate your enthusiastic support of our efforts.