| January/February 1988

Many of our readers need no reminder that deadline is approaching for our 1988 Steam and Gas Show Directory, but in case you have overlooked it, the date is December 15. We hope to have all our free listings and paid advertisements in by that time, so that we may proceed to print and publish on schedule. Mid-February is the time we have set for start of mailing finished copies; in that way everyone can know what is happening when and where. For further information, see the ad on page 34 of this issue.

On another matter of importance to organizations, we are preparing our advertising packets to help you tell the world about your shows, reunions and other special events during the year. These kits will help you in getting your ads ready, and sending them to us on time. The packets will go out early in January.

Our readers are expressing themselves in letters. Lately, the number has risen. Whatever you wish to tell us, or to tell others through us, put it on paper and mail it to us. Gas engine and tractor collectors and restorers are known for their positive views. Considering the thousands of faithful subscribers we have, the proportion of adverse comments is very low. And we have broad shoulders.

Safety guidelines are always important. This month we're running another club's guidelines.

This issue is No. 1 of Vol. 23, marking the start of the 23rd year since the Rev. Elmer L. Ritzman founded GEM. Elmer was editor; his wife, B. Earlene Ritzman, was co-editor, and Anna Mae Branyan was business manager and columnist. We still keep in touch with Mrs. Ritzman, and Anna Mae continues as columnist for IMA. The contents of Vol. 1, No. 1 seem to have been pretty evenly divided between stationary engines and tractors.

To all longtime readers, thanks for staying with us. To all new subscribers, happy to have you join. To everyone, wherever you are, a very happy, healthy and prosperous 1988 from all of us at Stemgas!