| January/February 1987

We are happy to have you with us as we enter a new year of GEM. We are now in our 22nd year, and it is appropriate to pay homage to the Rev. Elmer Ritzman, founder of this firm, for his foresight. He saw the need for a magazine that gas engine people would call their own, and we have tried to keep it that way. We wish also to suggest that oldtimers write to Elmer's widow, Erlene, whose address is 808 Wertzville Road, Enola, PA. We appreciate Erlene's judgment that we could do the job Elmer would have approved.

Our friends at the Smithsonian Institution provide us with a lot of exciting information for this issue. It's about the new full color poster of the 1924 John Deere Model D tractor. The full page ad for this poster appeared in our December 1986 issue, telling you how to order it for anywhere from $3.00 to $6.00 each, depending on the quantity you buy. We have seen the poster and it is stunning!

Reflections is receiving a lot of letters. Keep up the correspondence.

Question: We're considering publication of a directory of collectors. Would you like the idea? We are studying costs and will put one together if that's what collectors want.

Responses for our 1987 Steam and Gas Show Directory are coming in now. Don't miss the deadline, December 15. If you know of a new show, or one that's been ended, please tell us.

GEM wishes you the best, for yourself, your organizations and your shows in 1987.