| January/February 1986

As you close out 1985 with enjoyment of the holidays, we wish you a Very Happy 1986 with good health and good cheer. May your engines run smoothly, and may your organizations hold the most successful shows and other events that you have ever conducted.

May you learn a lot and do a lot.

With 1986, GEM enters its 21st year as the leading magazine for restorers and collectors of antique tractors and stationary gas engines. The Rev. Elmer Ritzman founded the magazine, as a companion to Iron-Men Album, and foresaw its steady growth.

In this issue there are several John Deere restoration stories, reflecting both the interest in John Deere, and the capabilities of our readers in bringing these engines back to A-1 condition.

We are eager to receive all your stories, whether on restoration, collecting or technical aspects. New restorers are entering the field all the time. If you are willing to share what you have learned and sometimes you learn it the hard way another person in a far part of the country may readily benefit from your helpfulness.

Prices brought at auctions are of importance to collectors. If you hold a sale, or can send us authentic prices, we'll print those for others to read.