| February/March 1988

The new year brings the promise of new shows and new accomplishments-and right in line with all those is our new Steam & Gas Show Directory, due out in mid-February. As you read this, the printing process has begun and we hope to start shipping copies as close to February 15 as possible.

The 1988 Show Directory contains a number of new shows in its 96 pages of information and photos. It's $4.00 a copy postpaid; wholesale rates apply for larger quantities.

On another matter of importance, we're gearing up for a banner year of magazine publicity and advertising on shows in the U. S., Canada and elsewhere. Ad packages are being sent to all who have placed advertising with us in the past year. No increase is made in ad rates. If you wish to discuss placement of your ads in 1988, get in touch with our Ad Department.

Safety regulations are still of great interest to us. We urge every organization to make its own-and enforce them.

We are working with the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc., on a series of articles and photos. If you are the scribe for a unit, don't forget we're counting on you.

A new Steam gas Farm Museum Directory is in the works. We are now soliciting both listings and paid ads. It is to be published sometime this spring. If your museum was in the first one-or if it wasn't and qualifies-let us hear from you.