| February/March 1987

In case you didn't notice it, this is issue 22-2 of GEM-22nd volume, 2nd issue. We've talked about and shown pictures of thousands of engines, and in recent years have shown as many as we could in color. Readers like the color, and we'll try to expand it as we go along. Keep reading and keep watching!

We've received a pleasing letter from Robert P. Weis, P.O. Box 668, Mt. Hermon, Massachusetts 01354, about our new reprint of the 1920 IHC General Catalog. He wrote, in part:

'It is a superb printing job in keeping with your other reprints. The color plates in the back are valuable, and really as useful as if they were placed throughout the book.'

Bob thinks we should emphasize the quality of the paper in the book. It certainly does enhance reproduction of photos, especially in color.

We're using some color in the story of Oscar's Dreamland, which appears in this issue. After all, Oscar is a colorful individual, and we're glad to tell about him-as well as our many other collector friends.

May we suggest ... we really cannot provide readers with Chuck Wendel's telephone number. Even though the personal call might be desirable, we appreciate his need for privacy to do his work, and hope you will also. Mail inquiries or ideas draw response just as quickly as it can be made.