| August/September 1988

New GEM publications are on the way for eager readers. We hope you'll enjoy:

The new GEM Index for five years, 1983-1987, telling you which article appeared when, and supplementing our two earlier index guides; all are by Donald L. Siefker.

Farm Museum Directory-an update of our first one, telling you where many of these are located and what they show (engines galore!).

Leroy Baumgardner's Evolution of a Tractor, an insider's fascinating story. See the book ads in this issue. All our advertising, incidentally, is at a new high in volume. Readers gobble up the information in the ads as well as our well-written stories.

Show reports continue to arrive, and we expect more since this is the peak of the busy 1988 season. We hope drought has not hit you; it's a harsh year for many parts of the country and the weather is being discussed often at shows and reunions.

Advertisers are asked to abide by our deadlines. Read the production schedules in each issue. This applies especially to auctioneers; their customers may lose golden opportunities to bring in buyers, because ads are not in on time.