| August/September 1986

I'm happy to say we have a lot of color in this issue, and we hope you enjoy seeing these fine restoration efforts in full color when we can do it! Two of the engines you'll see in color are not so common for our pagesa Watkins marine and a Rumsey. We welcome stories on engines that are not so familiar to our readers, so those of you who own unusual engines, don't be shylet us know about them!

Also on the color subject, Mr. Wendel gives a short paint color list near the end of his column, which he'll be adding to in future issues. We expect this will be well appreciated, and again urge that color information be shared.

There's nothing new to report on the liability issue I spoke of last month, but hopefully we will have more information for you in the future.

Our apologies to Cecil Heyn, author of our cover story on page 17 of the June issue. We had transcribed the story from a tape, and made some errors in the process. The corrections in paragraph 1 are: 'lopped' should be 'lapped'; 'expense' should be 'expansion'; 'PV' should be 'PD'; 'etched' should be 'inch'. The first sentence of the paragraph 2 should read: 'There are two helica gears2 of nylon and 2 brass.'

And now that show season is in full swing, remember to get some good pictures of your events and send us the reports!