| April/May 1990

As show season starts to get underway, our issues of GEM start to get bigger! Be sure that you get your advertising for your show in on time. We have less flexibility than we used to from our printer, who has shortened the time we have between deadlines. This means that we are no longer able to take ads that come in casually after the deadline, because we simply don't have time to produce them and get them to the printer on time. We try extremely hard to make our deadlines faithfully, since we know how our readers rely on getting their magazines on time each month!

Our advertising department has also asked that I remind our readers that we do not take ads over the telephone. This is for your protection and ours! Mistakes happen when we have written copies of ads, but they are much more likely with the spoken word! Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated!

Our Directory is now in print, and as I write this letter, we are in the midst of shipping the many cartons that go to show representatives, and thousands of individual copies as well. Don't wait too long to order your copy, because there's lots of Spring activity you won't want to miss out on!

Next month we're planning on the new false cover we talked about last month, we hope you'll enjoy this improvement which has been so frequently requested. Note that the new subscription rates are now printed in this issue and are effective April 1. Good luck and have a great time as you head out of Winter restoration activities and into the exhibitions of Spring and Summer!