| April/May 1986

Our Table of Contents is very full this time, so I'll keep my letter short! We're pleased to be getting so many stories and letters do keep it up! Lots more on gas engines in this issue.

Our apology to Richard Day, whose marine engine books were reviewed on page 13 in our February issue. The prices given in the article were not postpaid, and numerous subscribers wrote to him for the books without allowing for postage. See his ad on page 47 for details.

Our Directories have been mailed out, and a few shows have since changed their dates. To help them out, we're putting their dates in bold type in our Coming Events ads to draw your attention to the new dates. We didn't have room to advertise the Directory in this magazine, but copies are still available at $4.00 each postpaid!

Another ad we didn't have room for was the one about back issues! Please note that when you order back issues, they often take 6 to 8 weeks to get to you, since they are sent out by 2nd class mail only once a month, when the magazine is mailed. Do be patient!

As show season approaches, a word to those of you in charge of advertising! Deadlines are printed in the back of the magazine each month, but do note that the 'approximate mailing date' is the day we take the magazines to the Post Office. Add at least 21 days to that when figuring when your ad will probably be seen by all subscribers. If you have any questions about advertising, write or call Judy Gatchell, our advertising manager.