Friends, Neighbors Use Old Machines To Thresh, Bale Five Acres Of Wheat

| January/February 1974

[We thank The Mount Joy Bulletin newspaper for permission to reprint the following story and pictures -- Anna Mae]

'Old' and 'new' blended together Saturday, July 14 and while the sun boiled down in typical old-time threshing weather, friends and neighbors of the Becker Service Station -- Ruhl's Mill neighborhood turned work into fun!

The work was five acres of wheat to be threshed and bagged.

The fun was threshing with a 50-year-old separator, driven by an aging John Deere tractor with an old attached Ann Arbor baler handling the straw.

Jack Nolt, Donegal Heights, [left] and Henry Greiner, R2 Mount Joy, feed sheaves of wheat into the big 50-year-old threshing machine which handled five acres of grain which belong to Leon Zimmerman, also R2.

While some of the members of the pick-up crew remember when the equipment was a standard way of harvest, most of the help was too young to have been part of the threshing rings of other years.