Farm Toy Collecting

Getting Started

| May/June 1984

Plastic Farmall M

Plastic Farmall M from early 50's, very popular in its time. Value $75 or more.

57 Harristown Road Paradise, Pennsylvania 17562

So you want to become a farm toy collector. You're not alone. There are over 5,000 such collectors in the U.S. and Canada. What attracts people to this fast growing hobby?

For many, it is nostalgia. People who were raised on a farm or working around farm machinery fall into this group. More often than not, these people become serious collectors and aggressively seek the same toys they played with as children or models of real equipment they owned or used. Toys help these people relive their past.

Others enjoy the challenge found in locating older farm toys. Farm toys were made to be played with and were often broken and discarded. Sometimes you can make a rare find of toys from the '50's or even '60's in excellent or new condition. As one collector stated, 'It's like a treasure hunt!' Indeed, it can be, for many people are anxious to get rid of older toys and sometimes will sell them at a reasonable price.

Yet another group begins collecting simply because they have some old toys in the attic or basement left over from their (or their father's) childhood days. These toys become the beginning of their collection.

Regardless of your reason for collecting, it can be a real challenge and lots of fun.