| May/June 1972

HP 3 Belding

Courtesy of Anker H. Hanson, Malta, Montana 59538.

Anker H. Hanson

30 Skene St. Whitehall, New York 12887.

I started the engine collecting hobby when my neighbor dropped off a Fairbanks-Morse upright 3HP in my back yard. This was set up tight as usual and did not have any mag. It has a cam shaft across the front and one end is the fuel pump and the governor fly balls are on the cam gear. It has a hit-miss type governor and a make and break type ignition for which I use a coil from an old tractor magneto with a hot-shot battery. This rig has an upright water tank that holds at least ten gallons and has upper and lower hose connections. The crank is oil-tight and it has a dip scoop on the connection to pick up oil from the bottom to lubricate the rod bearing. This rig runs, but the bearings are in poor condition, as if it had been low on oil. It has a drip cup on the cylinder for the piston lubrication, a simple flow through carburetor with free action intake valve, and cam push rod exhaust valve.


In the May-June issue of GEM I sounded a May-day on an engine that I could not make run. So, I guess I better send in a report to the contrary as I finally found the secret. I did receive some letters from readers of GEM but not much of any help. What I needed and still would like to have is a close-up picture of one so I can see if I am hooked up right. All lines, both gas and air, were gone--so I had to guess at what was what. I found a small leak in the suction line and as the exhaust has to create the vacuum there can be no leaks. I forged a choke on the exhaust pipe and that seems to do the trick.

Once again for those that did not see the May-June issue, I shall give the name of the engine-The Brown Marvel SN 274 Ballou Mfg. Co. HP 3? Belding, Michigan-For best results use vacuum number 1 gas engine oil (That's what is on the plate).

It is two cycle and will run either way by turning the eccentric 180 degrees. As this picture was taken it was running at 400 rpm, governed by hit or miss and fired make and break, battery and coil. I must say that it does run nice.

I would still like to hear from someone who has one like it.