| September/October 2001

With the September issue, we are all aware that fall is on its way. Just as the leaves will be changing, there will be changes at Stemgas Publishing. Beginning with the next issue, Gas Engine Magazine will join a new family, known as Ogden Publications. Ogden is the home of Grit, Capper's, Mother Earth News, Farm Collector, and John Deere Tradition.

Your new editor will be Leslie McDaniel, a highly capable person who will see that everything runs smoothly.

This magazine, along with Iron Men Album and our annual Show Directory, will be moving to Topeka, Kansas, during the early part of August. By next month, there should be a new masthead with all the phone numbers and addresses that will guide you in your communication with GEM.

Putting together issues of GEM for the last twenty one years has been a great joy for me and for the others on our staff. The contact with our subscribers, authors and advertisers has always been interesting and usually fun. As the magazine moves to a new home, we have confidence that all of you will continue to nurture and support it. We wish the new owners every possible success.