| May/June 1987

This should be the best year ever for collectors and organizations, and we hope all shows will attract record crowds.

We can see the steady increase in interest, through sales of our 1987 Steam & Gas Show Directory. It is the biggest we have ever produced, with more shows and more participants than in any prior year. Copies of the Directory are still available, for individuals and for group purchases for resale.

Our close bond with our readers and advertisers continues to grow in strength. We know that you consider this your own magazine, and we try to keep it that way. What you do is of prime importance to us. Please keep sending good photos and stories, so that we can tell your story to your fellow collectors and restorers.

Has your club started or completed a project in which you take special pride? Are there new officers? Are there outstanding members that you think should be given special mention? Let us hear.

With the season now proceeding, we have some notes on corrections of show dates which have been sent to us since the 1987 Directory was issued. You may wish to note the corrections in your own copies of the Directory. They are:

Maryland: Otto Gas Engine Works Swap Meet & Show-September 26-27