| June/July 1990

With our large June issue, show season really gets underway! Be on the look out in the ad section this month, as the staff tells me numerous shows have either new dates or new locations! We don't want you to miss anything!

Our apologies to Maytag Corporation. In our February issue, page 33, we reprinted a company history originally published by them, without proper permission! Please remember if you submit such materials, to get the permission for us for reprinting. Steve Owens, who submitted the article, is not an official of the Maytag Corporation.

On page 40, you'll find a list of questions and answers for show use. A Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts club requested some time ago that we print such a list, and the author, Mr. Motry, has come to our rescue. If you find it useful, feel free to reproduce it for use at your show.

Finally, we received a couple of complaints about articles which appear in GEM as well as in competing publications. Authors beware, readers do not like finding the same exact story again and again, so do try to avoid duplication!