| April/May 1987

Several letters which we've received from suscribers this month bear mentioning here. First, on the subject of liability insurance, we heard from Robert Tallman of Harbeson Delaware, who urged fellow enthusiasts to 'prod our law makers to stop procrastinating and get down to the business of finalizing some meaningful legislation that will curb unrealistic settlements as well as restoring the need for the plaintiff to prove negligence of others before he can collect for an accident that may have been of his own making.' Tallman also thought Jack Versteeg's efforts to obtain group coverage through the National Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association was a good idea.

Jack Versteeg, president of the NEDGE & TA, Inc., has some good news of his own to report: 'Through our agent here and his National Company, there is liability insurance available that will cover our branches in a very favorable manner. The insurance that is available is not a National policy, but an individual branch policy only. It was felt that if we went to a National policy the cost of handling the paperwork would increase the cost too much. The premiums on this type of insurance will be very affordable and is dependent on a branch's size.'

Jack goes on to say that groups need not be members of the EDGE &. TA to acquire the insurance, and any groups wishing to pursue this should contact any of the club's officers for further information. (See list below.)

Finally, we got a letter from Ben Hill of the Early Engine Club, Inc. in Schaghticoke, New York. He pointed out that the lady captioned on page 9 of our February issue as an 'engine widow' is actually an engine buff! She is Dee McBride and is president of the Early Engine Club!

On a recent trip to California, I spoke to a number of club officers and individual collectors and was pleased to hear that they like GEM immensely. Keep those stories and pictures coming, and have a tremendous time at your events this season!