| March/April 1999

33 Village Woods Dr. Crete, Illinois 60417-4341

This story began in 1994. My son Brad and I left Crete, Illinois; our destination was the Spangler Auction in Sharon, Wisconsin. We arrived in Sharon and found a clean, comfortable motel close to the auction site. Sorry to say, we did not get much sleep. It seems the local high school seniors were having a prom party without parental supervision. From here on, you will have to use your own imagination. We had to remove the phone from the hook so we could get some rest. Times have really changed.

The next morning we were up with the sun. After a good breakfast, we were off to the auction. This was a large sale and prices were normal. We bid on several engines but we were not successful.

The sale was nearing a close when we spotted this engine. After several minutes of bidding we finally won the prize engine. It is a two cycle, two cylinder marine engine. The name on it: Seaman Motors. It came with an extra crankcase and four spare pistons. The engine is very sturdily built and is a prototype built in 1938. The second World War was in the wings and the engine was put on hold.

I did have to machine a flywheel and put copper pipe and an R. V. water pump on it. The engine on the rear is a 3 HP which I use to start the marine engine.

I do not know how Mr. Spangler came to own this engine. I did speak to his brother Jerry, who has since passed on. If anybody in 'Engineland' has more information on this engine, please let me know. I will answer all correspondence.