| January/February 1972

713 Brookman Hall, Vermillion, S. Dak. 57069.

(A story of the Collection of My Father's Antiques. Owned by James W. Beukelman, Corsica, S. D.)

I believe that my father would be the first one to admit that antiques are like alcohol: They really get into your system.

My father, James W. Beukelman of Corsica, S. D., began his collection about four years ago. He was driving along a South Dakota highway when he spotted a 14 x 28 Rumely 'Oil Pull'. He knew the owner of the tractor, so he stopped at the farm and bought the tractor. Last winter, my father finished restoring the tractor. The 'Oil Pull' took parts from many states and most of them came from Kansas. The 14 x 28 was just the beginning.

That same year, my father acquired a ten horse power Otto engine. The engine has a round connecting rod, a side cam shaft, and no carburetor. The engine was hauled home from Lake Andes, and was restored to running order. The Otto has no real carburetion system; a valve controls the intake of gas into the engine.

Later, he picked up a ten horse power Mogul Engine along the Missouri River, straight south of Platte. The Mogul was complete except for the magneto. After a few weeks, the owner of the Mogul gas engine found the magneto and wrote my father telling him that the magneto was good and could be used.