| September/October 1972

  • Old Hart-Parr
    Restored Old Hart-Parr. Courtesy of Roger Clark, Palmyra, New York 14522.
    Gene L. McLaughlin
  • Leoti  Kansas
    Courtesy of A. C. Pump, Grant, Nebraska 69140.
    Jim Salerno
  • Roy Jansen Looking of Engines
    Courtesy of Mr. Edward Jansen, 106 Water Street, Teutopolis, Illinois 62467.
    Gene L. McLaughlin

  • Old Hart-Parr
  • Leoti  Kansas
  • Roy Jansen Looking of Engines

Palmyra, New York 14522.

This is a story of how we restored an old 28-50 Hart-Parr, one of which is now forty years old. We have the 62nd one of this model made.

The tractor was first used in a sawmill between Palmyra and Walworth in 1927. It stayed there for several years. It was then sold to another farmer for a threshing tractor and another sawmill. This farmer sold the tractor. Then it was used for power in the Walworth feed mill. Later this mill burned with the tractor in it. It was then purchased by the Duell Bros. of Walworth. They completely rebuilt it and used it many years to thresh in the areas of Walworth, Palmyra, and Marion. Finally it was sold to a junk dealer of whom I purchased it. There it sat with weeds and grapevines covering it over, rusted and pitted from years of sitting outdoors.

After a close examination, I found that all parts were there and in fair condition. I decided to buy the tractor and after some dickering, it was mine. It did not run, so there was a problem on how to get it home. The final decision was made. A neighbor of mine offered to help me.

It was a nice day in May, but the wind was quite cold. The trip was about 14 miles and going was slow. We had several spectators wondering what in the world anyone would want or could do with such an awkward looking thing. The trip took the better part of the day, but was well worth it.

After I got it home, everyone was interested in helping to make it run. My father, who was a thresher for many years and knew old tractors as good as anyone, was the greatest assistant an old tractor owner could have. My brother-in-law was looking for a hobby and really interested, rolled up his sleeves and pitched in. Even my wife was willing to help scrape and clean our old antique.


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